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XBRL Reporting

Starting 1 July 2018, various qualifying/selected Companies will be required to submit their financial and mandatory information to the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (“CIPC”) in a new electronic format. This will ultimately become a mandatory requirement for all Companies.

The new reporting format will require Companies to upload an iXBRL digital file to the CIPC portal (which will ultimately replace the process of uploading PDF report formats). Various other regulatory bodies are also currently investing in infrastructure
to allow for the upload of the iXBRL files for submission
of required Company information.

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Finnivo® has always provided the ability to view and publish aggregated and consolidated results in various forms, including Microsoft Excel and Word. This included all types of management and statutory reports and forecasts (including Annual Financial Statements and graphical views).

With the introduction of our new Publisher Module, we have addressed the final steps in the assembly of various executive & statutory reports that require input from multiple individuals and/or document sources.

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