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Real Reporting Software Financial Consolidation, Reporting and Planning

What is Finnivo®?

Finnivo® is the single software platform that simplifies and automates all your reporting and planning processes.

Any organisation with multiple business units and data sources can use Finnivo® to collate, consolidate and report on financial, operational and statistical results and forecasts.

Finnivo® allows you to:

  • Map and import financial and operational data for multiple cost centres or business units.
  • Capture non-financial information like text commentary.
  • Capture journals.
  • Get in-depth analysis of any figures or text commentary at any level.
  • Reconcile inter-company transactions or balances.
  • Design and publish output reports in various formats, using either existing custom-designed report formats or in Finnivo® templates.
  • Store, recall or compare results or forecasts from various periods in a secure database.
  • User-friendly functional modules for the setup and management of multiple reporting processes.

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The Finnivo® Reporting and Planning Process

For more detailed information about the simplification and automation of different reporting processes, click on the icons below.