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Finnivo® At A Glance

Finnivo® is consolidation, reporting and planning software.

Simplify and automate all your reporting and planning processes and access boundless ‘drill down’, report writing and analytical capability.

management accounts • budgets • forecasts • year-end reports • tax • sustainability reporting • cash management
annual financial statements • operational reporting • sales planning • cost calculations • flash reporting
leases • guarantees • and so much more…

This flexible and self-maintainable solution lets you collect data, review and easily consolidate financial and statistical information across multiple cost centres or business units.

Financial and operational information can be imported to custom designed or pre-set templates. Additional information, reconciliations, text commentary and journals can be captured at a cost centre or business unit level.

Finnivo® offers incredibly comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting ability in a self-maintainable and flexible solution that can expand to meet your company's growing requirements. Report writing, inter-company reconciliation and consolidation couldn’t get any easier.

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