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Non-financial Reporting

Finnivo® assists with more than just financial reporting and planning. 
Any manual process used to report on, plan or perform calculations can be streamlined and automated within Finnivo®.  

The same principles, process flows and data dynamics for common reporting and planning processes apply to any other process where business information needs to be collated, analysed, processed, calculated or reported on.

Finnivo® can help with:

  • Custom designing unique report formats.
  • Creating sections in a report for mapping, importing or capturing data from multiple sources. Finnivo® allows you to combine financial and operational data from multiple systems or departments.
  • Where users from multiple cost centres are expected to populate report packs or sections of a report, Finnivo® gives you the ability to automate the distribution of report packs or to manage user access to specific information.
  • Integrating one or more source systems to import data that has been mapped to locations within your report template and that can be split per cost centre or business unit.
  • Users can capture non-financial data or information that can’t be imported, before locking and submitting their individual report packs.
  • The report packs can be configured to store data to a database as well as compare data to previous periods within a database.
  • The ability to simply aggregate results, analyse and interrogate figures or commentary, post journals to adjustment packs, or automatically eliminate inter-group values.
  • The option to generate additional report views which can be published to Microsoft Office formats or that can be imported to enterprise resource planning and other business platforms.


Starting 1 July 2018, various qualifying / selected Companies will be required to submit their financial and mandatory information to the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (“CIPC”) in a new electronic format. This will ultimately become a mandatory requirement for all Companies.

The new reporting format will require Companies to upload an iXBRL digital file to the CIPC portal (which will ultimately replace the process of uploading PDF report formats). Various other regulatory bodies are also currently investing in infrastructure to allow for the upload of the iXBRL files for submission of required Company information.