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Did You Know?
... you can perform scenario planning and what-if analysis within Finnivo®?
Finnivo® provides the ability to generate various forecast scenarios and budget versions, as well as the ability to run comparison reports (between the different scenarios and budget versions)
... you can force users to reconcile their report packs, clear all validation errors and complete all required sections before submitting (locking) their report packs?
The system administrator can easily insert validation error calculations in report packs, which will be highlighted when certain errors exist (i.e. sections are out of balance, incomplete or in the incorrect format). Users will be prevented from saving and/or locking their packs if errors remain uncleared.
... inter-company balance and transaction accounts can be configured to be automatically eliminated (and reconciled) – without performing consolidation and elimination journal entries?
With the 'Auto-Consolidate' feature configured, users are able to click on specific inter-company numbers to allocate to the relevant inter-group entities and the amounts will automatically eliminate at the consolidation entity.
... you can drill down into every single value or text commentary field within your reports?
You can drill down into any number (imported, captured, calculated or journal) or text commentary field (captured at cost center and group level) to view a breakdown per cost center or to analyse the trial balance amounts or transaction details that make up the totals.
... you can control which functions a user has access to, which cost centers a user has access to and which reports (or sections of a report) a user has access to?
There are multiple security layers to allow for user access control to functionality, reports and cost centers.
... you can generate your annual financial statements or any executive published reports?
Our publisher module allows you to combine various sources of information to create a single publishable report (such as your annual financial statements and executive or board packs). For example, you can create a single-themed document from a combination of external or internally generated documents (i.e. disclosure notes or sections from other documents). The formats of the source documents can include Excel, Word, PDF and text.
... you could decentralise the entire data collection activity?
Where data is collated from multiple cost centres or business units, report packs can be disseminated to the various cost centres where users can map and import their data, fully reconcile their report packs and lock down their information once completed. The consolidation personnel can simply access and start analysing the aggregated and/or consolidated results once they see all the cost centres have submitted their final report packs.
... you can map and import data from multiple sources?
Finnivo® can be configured to extract data directly from source (i.e. integrated to your ERP/accounting software and other source systems) or from Excel spreadsheets. Different data sets from different cost centres can also be mapped and imported to a central target point (i.e. different trial balances for various business units mapped to a chart of central group accounts).
... you can easily maintain multiple reporting structures and view results at any level within any of the reporting structures?
Multiple reporting structures are easily created and maintained in Finnivo® (such as structures for management reporting, statutory reporting, regional distribution, covenants, industry type, etc.). Once the data for the various cost centres has been collated, the aggregated and consolidated results can be viewed at any level within any of the defined reporting structures (without needing to import the data more than once).
... you can quickly generate pivots for any of the reports generated throughout Finnivo®?
Finnivo® allows you to easily generate pivot tables for any of the aggregated/consolidated data that has been mapped, imported and viewed in any report generated throughout the software platform.
... you can seamlessly manage the results for groups where some business units have different year ends?
Where business units with groups have different fiscal year ends, Finnivo® allows for the calculation and presentation of results specific to the different year ends. For example, if two business units have February year ends within a group that has a June year end, Finnivo® will calculate and present the year-to-date income statement for one or all of the businesses with the February year end, as well as the year-to-date results for the group (which takes into consideration only the relevant fiscal periods from the business units with the February year end).